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Are you Domestically Challenged?

Does cleaning fall right below reading the dictionary 

on your to do list? 

Do you get lost in your own kitchen?

Let author Alana Morales help!

Read Domestically Challenged: The Blog for hints and tips to make your life easier.

Domestically Challenged is available through and Barnes & Noble online.

Can't find it? Just ask your local bookseller to order it. Domestically Challenged second edition is now available.

Domestically Challenged, THE book for new stay at home moms, is now available! Look for it at your local book retailer or at most online book stores. You can also order from direct!

If you are a new stay at home mom, Domestically Challenged can help! It will help you deal with trying to keep the kids and yourself entertained, while keeping on top of all the domestic duties you face. You'll even find ways to make time for yourself (imagine that).

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